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Cranking The Word Out In A Digital Age.

Imagine being alive before the internet. People sat up straight, made eye contact and spoke actual words from their mouths. The telephone provided the ability to communicate without being in the same room. For long distance, writing a letter to send in the mail was a perfectly common thing to do because a stamp was way cheaper than telephone charges per call.

People sometimes had conversations for hours on end, while tethered to a wall by a curly cord.

Many household tasks could be performed within phone cord distance, even though it might have been a stretch, but these days people multi-task with their communications in different ways. They can be on Facebook checking out a Tweet when an Instagram gets shared that has a link to a YouTube video while messages come into Messenger and the phone buzzes with an email. Each thing leads to further actions required and a rabbit hole of click bait.

Our current forms of communication has access to our location, our contacts and our shopping habits. Nothing is ever really deleted or forgotten. The internet has a long memory. What goes out stays out...forever. If you posted it, someone somewhere has it. Even people you don't want to have it, or people you never heard of, get a hold of your information. Privacy is an illusion.

Choose carefully what you post. Think ahead. Don't post anything your Mom shouldn't see.

There seems to be no trouble getting the word out. The trouble is keeping it relevant. In the old days things stayed fresher longer because there was less information being shared. Nowadays, blips of info speed past like a saucer on Air Force radar, only to be forgotten by the next shiny or cute thing.

Today we need photos and videos to hold our interest. That's what sticks. Get creative with your imagery if you want people to remember. Use well thought out messaging, and never share something that hasn't been fact checked if you want to keep your social media integrity. More is not necessarily better, but pertinent content that people can relate to, is!

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