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Life Reborn

Cute Ducklings

It's a continual cycle. New things are continually created. They grow to fruition, and then expire. Some get longer than others to exist.

It's amazing to think that everything in the universe is created from exploded stardust, from the deepest sea creature, to the clouds that float above us, and that everything gets recycled eventually. Nothing is made to last

Take those cute little ducklings, for example. Their feathers grow from fuzzy down, fall off, and regrow anew. The fallen feathers decompose into the earth. The earth will someday combine with another galaxy, get sucked into a black hole and explode outwards as cosmic dust, recombining into God knows what.

Existence is fleeting. To some, it may seem like their lives are taking forever. To others, it speeds by in the blink of an eye. The point is, we need to take stock of the wonder that makes up our lives, and appreciate every breath.

Inhaling a gust of springtime flower scented air is something only earth's inhabitants get to do. In all the universe, as far as we know, there is no other place where this can happen. Embrace each moment. Breathe fully. Love with passion. Live abundantly. Happy Springtime!

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