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Calling All Elves!

Santa gets all the credit, when the elves do all the work. Isn't that just like a boss?

I mean, after all, it's the tireless helpers who do all the Christmas preparations. You would think they would get a nice bonus, or something, but they don't even get a gift themselves. Why? Because everybody gives all the credit to this Santa Clause guy.

He makes no actual product. He is just the delivery person. So how come so many people put the focus on the jolly fat man?

Have you ever felt unappreciated because Santa gets all the attention? Perhaps it's because you put in too much effort.

Smart elves contract out. They just love to order personalized gifts from local businesses. It makes them highly appreciated for a little bit of work--not that elves shun hard work, mind you. It's just that they want more bang for their buck. By saving time, they can make more holiday goodies, giving more folks a merrier Christmas, without breaking a sweat.

And we all know sweating isn't good at the North Pole, anyway. It freezes rather quickly, causing stiffness. Nobody wants that for Christmas.

So, all you elves in training, take heed. Christmas doesn't have to be stressful or difficult. Just take the advice of the old pros who have been doing this holiday thing for a very long time. Stop by your nearest local shop that offers personalized gifts, and place your order. It's just that simple.

Happy holidays, and you're welcome!

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