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Copless Fingerprinting

You are applying for a job, permit, licensing or citizenship, you will have to get a background check to prove who you are not a registered criminal. Most people don't want to be seen down at the Sheriff's office getting fingerprinted, so they might be interested to know that there are other places which perform the service, sometimes at a lower price.

Just like anything you buy, it pays to shop around. You might be able to save $10 or more by going to a small business that specializes in fingerprinting or notary services.

person being fingerprinted

When a person needs to be fingerprinted, the first place they think of is law enforcement. Not everyone is comfortable going down to the station. Patronizing a local shop will feel more like they are being helpful, rather than the feeling of being arrested. You are more likely to see friendly faces, and not have to wait in a room with suspected criminals, plus, it probably won't take as long.

Fingerprinting is not something you probably look forward to, so why not make it faster, friendlier and easier, by checking out places like your local printing and copy shop. They will be glad to help and appreciate your business!

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