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What could make a dad more proud than a photo of his family?

Mom, Dad, & Baby with cute hat

Most of us struggle with what to get Dad for Father's Day. Why do ugly ties and sport socks always come to mind? Even though when out and about during the rest of the year, the perfect gift usually presents itself, the mind suddenly goes blank when actually shopping for the gift.

That's because the perfect gift doesn't just manifest itsel, all wrapped up in a tidy bow. It takes some planning.

One can either make the effort to pick up that perfect gift at the exact moment in which it presents itself, or take a little time before the big event to get something personal like a photo tee shirt.

All it takes is emailing a jpeg or pdf file, designating a size and then get it when it's ready. Talk about a one of a kind present that no one else will be giving! Who wouldn't be happy to have such a well thought out tribute?

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